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about our studio.

providing you with professional custom tattoo designs in a private setting.

Petal and Thorn Tattoo Studio is a co-op workspace consisting of 4 fully independent artists. Each artist maintains their own individualized schedule, booking system, and payment. 

for further info on the artist of your choice please click here.

artist info.

Each artist is unique. Find the artist that speaks to you.

Illustrative flora and fauna

Jay specializes in full colour flora and fauna. Her style is reminiscent of vintage botanical drawings. Her colour palette is natural and muted in tone. She also takes on soft greyscale work on occasion.

Jay's books only open periodically. You can be notified of her openings by joining her mailing list here.

Ornamental botanical fine line work


Alicia specializes in ornamental designs, fine line work and soft shading. She most often works in a soft greyscale palette, but loves working with soft colours as well.

To request a booking with Alicia head to her website:

Blackwork and etching

David specializes in blackwork. His style is reminiscent of vintage etched printmaking. His intricate line work is bold and clean.

To request a booking with David, reach out to him through his Direct Messaging service on Instagram.

Illustrative Realism

Drew uses a mix of fine linework and waterlines, to create his style that blend of realism and illustration. Drew is happy to create designs in both greyscale or colour.

To request a booking with Drew please click here.

*click the link below each name to view the artist instagram portfolio
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